Architectural Design

We offer architectural design and consultation services in all stages of a project from conceptual design to construction documentation for a wide spectrum of building types. Our award- wining design ensures the quality of our work. Our design philosophy is complemented by excellent visual communication skills, so that all parts of a project are discussed and solved as early as possible. At the construction phase our consultations services promote the quality of each project.

Sustainable Design

A holistic approach to sustainability design is the core or all our projects. Energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials, renewable energy sources and location optimisation are all taken into account for creating healthy and vibrant spaces that respect all aspects of the environment. What gets measured gets managed: our approach to sustainable design is based on observation, measurement, calculation and simulation with industry standard tools, so that the end result is as accurate as possible.

Lighting Design

Light is one of the most important factors of life. We offer design and consultation services, so that every space enjoys good lighting quality. We calculate daylighting and provide solutions for sun control and maximum light penetration through advanced systems. Similarly, we incorporate artificial light in a human-centric approach by using the right colour temperature for each situation and avoiding glare, while our outdoor projects respect the environment by minimising light pollution.

Advanced Visualisation Services

We offer standard and advanced visualisation services incorporating 3d modelling, real time tools and virtual reality applications. Basic packages include 3d drafting and modelling, while advanced services are complete with virtual reality applications and real-time rendering, establishing a live walkthrough experience in every project. Impress your clients with real-time navigation of their projects.

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